Lemonade syrup for everyone

Every lemonade is based on syrup. This syrup is usually bottled with processed, sparkling water to make it a ready, drinkable beverage in cans or bottles.

We have finally taken this standard to the next level, we have really come up with something new for you and our environment.

Thanks to our brand-new low-tech concept, accurate dosing is possible in all areas! Dosage control already integrated in a bottle or automatic dosage for the counter – we have a brand new approach to syrup for home and entry level commercial use.

⊗ Delicious lemonade syrups, directly from the producer (selection)

⊗ Best quality at reasonable prices.

⊗ Produce lemonades at home and in the catering area.






The raw materials of our lemonades and nectar juices are sourced exclusively in Austria. This quality level of the flavours is one of the leading in the world and this controlled quality is a promise to our customers.

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On a modern and modular filling plant, the raw materials are processed to lemonade syrup at the company site, among other facilities, and then filled to the requested beverage packaging at our filling stations.

Our scalable production

smal & modular production plants: sudtainability in production  local, decentralised

Guaranteed – Full taste! Also with less sugar, because new now: We have intensively reduced our recipes for the delicious all sugar products, which have been proven over many years, by cutting sugar by 40% and bringing them into perfect harmony with mild combi sweeteners and natural stevia without affecting drinking enjoyment.